Kudrati Naturally – Vegetarian Freeze Dried Curry.

Tasty freeze dried bivvy scoff…



RRP £3.25

Kudrati Naturally - just add boiling water.

Strange things sometimes appear in the office – we get all sorts of small but useful products which don’t really qualify for a full review but …… That’s what happened with the food parcel that appeared one day: ‘Ey Up Dave you’re a backpacker and lentil lover so off you go’ said Kev passing me a packet of Kudrati Dhal Tadka (Lentil Curry). Anyway I found myself on a weekend trip in The Lakes, scrambling around and taking product shots for review kit. I like to make the most of the weekend so decided on an overnight camp in and around Coniston Old Man. So I fired up the stove and waited for the water to boil. I’ve been a fan of freeze dried bivvy food for years, I like the ease of preparation, I find the food tasty and I like the no washing up bit. I’m not eating it for days on end so not overly bothered about the nutritional value in terms of vitamins and minerals; more important is taste and calories. The Kudrati range provided plenty of taste, the Curry made up very easy, just boil up water and fill to the convenient fill line (so know guessing how much 468ml or other such nonsense is), wait a couple of minutes and hey presto! Yummy curry, I added the extra 100ml of water and made it a very filling soup, the addition of some noodles made it very filling.

So quality vegetarian bivvy scoff, ridiculously easy to make and most importantly very, very tasty!

Kudrati Naturally - easy to make and tasty too.

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