BLOG: Heed the Swedes… bigging up excellent customer service.

Just a few lines, as we love excellent customer service here at CGR UK. Earlier this year I put a hole in the thumb of my beloved Hestra Falt Gloves, whilst abbing off  ice climbs in Cogne. I contacted who returned them to Hestra UK. They loaned me a brand new pair of top of the range winter gloves (which were far too warm for me!) whilst my glove was sent off to Sweden for repair. The glove was returned with an excellent repair, some spare leather and a lovely handwritten written note from the woman who had repaired the glove. It turned out that I was being over zealous with the waxing. I figure the gloves are not ideal for ice/mixed climbing, but are superb for mountaineering/skiing and other snowy adventures. If they’re good enough for big Ray, then they’re good enough for me!

Another, more recent example is my Fjall Raven Greenland jacket. This I bought second-hand and is the jacket I wear for casual walks with the family and fly fishing (more of that in another post!). This had two holes in it. I contacted Fjall Raven UK who immediately were in contact about the colour of the jacket, within 2 weeks a packet arrived from Holland with patches in 2 colours of green! So if anyone out there has a Greenland jacket in Olive Green and wants a patch just let us know.

So, two Swedish companies showing just how good customer service can be. If anymore of you have excellent customer service stories we’d love you to share them both here and on our Facebook page .

Sorry folks – big ups for excellent service only. We’ve all had poor service and we don’t want any rants!

Be brave, climb hard!

Dave S

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