BLOG: Sieze the moment – easy routes on Raven Crag by Dave Sarkar

Original Route-Raven Crag, Langdale


On holiday in The Lakes with the family this week. A week of variable weather, cold winds and showers. I love how I have changed over the years from sitting around in cafes moaning about the weather to actually doing something, whatever the weather. I feel I’m a much happier climber for it.

So whilst the kids went off swimming in Keswick, Chris Wright and I headed for Raven Crag, Langdale. Now we’ve done all the HVS’s, E1’s and E2’s on the crag; in Chris’s case he’s done all the E5’s as well and with the wind absolutely Baltic we decided we needed to keep moving, so we opted for The Original Route, Severe. This 3 star gem takes in an improbable and sometimes steep line up the left hand side of the crag on great featured rock, Chris’s photos makes it look every bit as good as it is.

We then did another easy 3 star gem – Revelation, Hard Severe. This is on the right hand side and just as good, if you’re keen (and we weren’t) you can finish up the great looking Kneewrecker Chimney, we left it for another day as it began to rain. So it was off for a wet run in the afternoon and more card games with the kids.

Essential kit:


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