GEAR NEWS: NIHIL Climbing Clothing in the UK

The Yorkshire Climbing Company (YCC) are proud to announce an agreement to distribute NIHIL climbing clothing in the UK. Following the success of the brand at The Depot Climbing Centre in Leeds, YCC will be looking to further expand the brand in the UK.


NIHIL is a Dutch brand with a simple philosophy- “Fashion meets climbing!”

Clothes with zero friction for optimum performance! The concept NIHIL is based on several contradictions. The progressive and serious climber is pulling himself back in nature and is having a physical and mental fight with the rock and himself. But what would you be without imagination and daydreaming? Be progressive! Think out of the box and escape form the daily monotonous tread, but do it classy.

These elements and years of climbing experience, are the basic for trendy, progressive and last but not least functional collections. Fashion meets climbing!

Find out more:

  • You can visit the NIHIL website for further information.
  • To find out about your nearest UK stockists or to enquire about stocking NIHIL in your store,  you can email:

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