Blurr Method Pants – Climbing Gear Review

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Blurr say that the Method Pants are:

“Created with climbing specific attributes in mind, the Method will satiate those that require a lightweight pant that will go un-noticed during the most gymnastic of sequences. This is a versatile and popular summer weight pant.”

Performance: *****


Value For Money:****

When I first received the Blurr Method PantsI actually thought they were a bit too nice for climbing! They’re a simple, lightweight pant produced from a mixture of organic cotton, nylon and spandex. They look just as happy on the street as they do at a crag and I’ve worn them for both. I really like the simple subtle styling of the Method Pants. And as Blurr say, they are a “versatile” trouser.

The Blurr Method pants are great for bouldering.

So what are they like for climbing in? Well, the simplicity and subtlety are an ally. The pant that doesn’t look out of place in the pub, having a post-climb beer, doesn’t feel out of place when you’re wearing them to climb either. Why? Firstly the cut is loose, but not too loose; no bad MC Hammer style baggy going on here! The hem sits neatly over trainers and approach shoes and for the size I tested (30 inch waist) the regular length was perfect for climbing once I’d turned them up a couple of times. I usually do this with all climbing trousers just to make sure my feet are not obscured by my trousers. I liked the light, stretchy fabric too. The stretch is only slight but mixed with the cut and the diamond crotch, freedom of movement was superb. They do go unnoticed when you climb, and personally that’s what I want!

The Blurr Method pants are well featured for climbing in.
The Blurr Method pants are well featured for climbing in.

I’ve only worn the Method Pants for about 6 weeks but because I like them so much, I’ve worn them a lot. I’ve bouldered on rough gritstone, cranked out limestone sport projects involving knee bars and rough tufa rock, and took them into the demands of mountain trad. They’re not showing any premature signs of wear and build quality seems excellent. This is good to see as whilst they’re not the most expensive trouser on the market, they’re not the cheapest either.

Other features I like are the subtle internal belt which allows the wearer to adjust the size of the pants but does not interfere with a climbing harness. The pockets too, are also well positioned and don’t get in the way when wearing a harness. I particularly like the internal zipper pocket for keeping valuable safe and stopping them falling out.

The Method Pants are available in 3 colours: Charcoal, Coffee Liquer and Grease Monkey, and a range of waist sizes from 26 to 36 inches (leg sizes are regular only).

To conclude, I would have to say that the Blurr Method Pants are my current favourite cragging pants. I like the combination of subtle styling and functionality. They are also quick drying, easy to care for and well made. It’s not a trouser I’d use for technical mountain routes where I need a bit more weather protection, but that’s not what they’re designed for. A great all round pant for cragging and post-climb socialising!

SRP: £60.00

For more details visit the Blurr Website.


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