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CGR continues it’s look at the new range of climbing pants from Blurr

Designed to be an alternative to training in tights, the Rogue uses a light Nylon fabric with stretch and clean styling to accomplish the same thing. Articulated legs with a gusseted crotch combine with the stretch to ensure flexibility. Patterned for feats of outdoor athleticism!

Performance *****


Value ****

Lately CGR Gear Editor Kev tested out the summer Blurr Method pants, Kev concluded that they had become his favoured cragging pants and I can confirm that he has been wearing them throughout the summer.

I’ve been testing the more rugged Rogue pants – these are designed for the cooler months as they are made from a more robust material and are thicker than the Blurr Method Pants. I have been using them throughout the summer and into the cooler autumn for a variety of climbing activities but mostly sport climbing and bouldering. I’ve worn them for trad too – it’s just that I’ve been mostly sport climbing this season. They’ve been fine for all but the hottest days – but then I’m wearing shorts anyway.

The fabric is 93% Nylon and 7% Spandex. This gave a very rugged ‘canvas’ type feel to them, they felt definitely more robust than the Method pant and had a great natural feel to them.

I tested a 32” waist, I’ve lost some weight this year so was very pleased to see that there was some room left. I could fine tune the fit with the integral waist cord. This means that there are no belt loops but the pants were very comfortable with a harness on – which is often an issue when having to wear  a belt. The regular length gave an inside leg of 32” and I am a medium build and height so there was a little extra length on the leg. It is worth noting that whole Blurr range come in a regular leg length only.

I could cinch the leg hem together with the internal drawcord. This cinched and tightened with a small toggle  and was fully hidden within the leg, you wouldn’t know it was there from looking at the pants in general. Although I’m not a fan of this type of fastening – as I like to roll the leg up for footwork intensive routes- I never had any issue with the hem getting in the way of my footwork once it was cinched . So you can have the choice as I know some people like to have the hem cinched and it worked very well in this way.

Blurr Rogue pants - great for bouldering. I preferred to roll the legs up.
Blurr Rogue pants – great for bouldering. I preferred to roll the legs up.

The Blurr Rogue pants were very stylish to wear casually, I could easily wear these to work or to the pub and only those in the know would realise they were a pair of specialist climbing pants. They had a ‘demin trouser’ type appearance and the straight legs gave them an excellent casual look.  They front pockets were tucked out of the way and the back pockets were integrated and not the sewn patch type. They had neat flaps covering them and a reflective Blurr logo on the pocket. They were plenty big enough for wallets and I thought  the back pockets are very neatly designed and unobtrusive.

The waist did up with an aluminium stud button,th is was a button and not press stud; again in keeping with the demin styling of the pants. The fly was of reasonable length and was OK to access with a harness on. It is a YKK coil zipper and this had a tendency to slip down a little after time, a minor fault really but it’s something to explore.

A superb cut for full freedom of movement. Bouldering in The Gower.
A superb cut for full freedom of movement. Bouldering in The Gower.

There is a zipped thigh pocket on the right leg, it wasn’t big enough for guidebooks but it was big enough for phones. I used it mostly for keeping hold brushes in and it worked great for this as the pocket went to the back of the thigh and not the front – a neat feature designed to not get in the way of climbing.  Again you wouldn’t know it was they unless you looked for it as it was skilfully hidden in the leg seam. The pockets were lined with fine mesh which helped with breathability for those mountain approaches.

The Blurr Rogue pants have been great to climb in, the relaxed style gave plenty of room for climbing movement and the diamond gusset has meant I can’t blame tight trousers for not completing those high rockovers (I’ll just have to blame my lack of flexibility then).  They look great on and off the crag and they have become a staple wardrobe feature for the autumn. They come in 4 colours (Grease Monkey, Clay, Coffee Liqueur and Charcoal) and six waist sizes (26” to 36”), they are very robust, durable and most importantly are great to climb in.

SRP: £67.00


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