Winter Conditions Report, Ben Nevis 1/12/2013 – Blog

This weekend saw our first foray North for some Scottish winter climbing action. Rich Allen and I headed optimistically to Ben Nevis on not the best forecast but we did manage to get out in the hills on both Saturday and Sunday.

Gargoyle Wall, Ben Nevis
Gargoyle Wall, Ben Nevis


On Saturday we climbed Gargoyle Wall up on the right of Number 3 Gully Buttress. Conditions were ok but not ideal. Other teams climbed Darth Vader and Babylon and there was plenty of snow in the gullies with both Number 2 and Number 3 seeing ascents and descents. Number 4 is good for descents right now too. Unfortunately things warmed up dramatically on Saturday afternoon and the buttresses were well stripped by the time we returned on Sunday so we had a quick blast up Number 3 to stretch the legs and were treated to a superb temperature inversion and sunshine on the tops!

Looking like a return to winter later this week so fingers crossed.


Check these links before you head out:


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