A Double Win For Edelrid… – Climbing Gear News

In the build-up to ISPO, the winter sports and outdoor trade show, German climbing brand EDELRID have announced a double win in the ISPO Outdoor awards category, including the coveted GOLD award which is presented to a single product that exemplifies innovation in its field.


This year EDELRID received the GOLD award for its Corbie 8.6mm triple-rated rope, the thinnest climbing rope in the world to be rated for single use. Plus an additional award for the new Beast Lite, a 12-point crampon designed to combine the robust agressiveness of stainless steel with the lightness of an aluminium construction. 2014 marks the third consecutive year that EDELRID have taken home the GOLD award in the Outdoor category at ISPO, winning in 2012 for their Cable Vario Via Ferrata set and again in 2013 for the Snipe dual-diameter rope.


The 8.6mm Corbie (RRP: £190 for 60m) will be available from select retailers from March 2014 and is the thinnest triple-rated rope to be found anywhere in the world. Suitability for use in a single, double or twin configuration is a result of EDELRID’s proprietary braided core construction, which functions as a rope within a rope. The incredible strength of this construction allows even very thin ropes, such as the Corbie, to pass the certification norms for a single rope, whilst also remaining lightweight, in this case 51g/m. The Corbie makes use of the full range of EDELRID finishing processes including Pro Shield where microscopic Teflon particles are bonded to the yarns providing a protective layer with greatly improved load-bearing properties. A Dry Shield hydro and oleo-phobic finish, which resists both dirt and moisture, and extends the working lifespan of the rope; plus Thermo Shield a heat treatment that relaxes and then shrinks the fibres of the rope, ensuring it remains both compact and supple throughout its long working life.


The Beast Lite (RRP: £240), launching Winter 2014, is a 12-point crampon designed for steep ice and mixed climbing, which is certified to EN 893 standards, and is recommended for use on vertical to overhanging mixed terrain where the vertical front points will not make extended contact with rock. The 680g weight is achieved through the use of an aluminium body construction with 3D geometry that makes new designs and shapes possible, which in turn increases the stability of the crampon. This allows for the use of thinner materials without compromising stability resulting in a crampon that is up to 60% lighter than current comparative models designed for ice and mixed climbing. The Beast Lite also features a pair of forged steel front points designed to offer exceptional purchase on ice, which can be easily adjusted from a double to mono point configuration to suit the needs of the climber. Alongside an interchangeable binding system that allows for compatibility with both semi-automatic (B2/C2) and automatic (B3/C3) bindings. The Beast Lite is supplied with anti-balling plates.

  • For details of EDELRID products and stockists please visit www.edelrid.de

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