Black Diamond/Pieps JetForce Avalanche Airbag Technology – Ski Gear News



JetForce is the first Avalanche Airbag Technology to use jet-fan inflation, a breakthrough system that draws air from an unlimited source: the atmosphere.

Watch this video about the JetForce from Powder Magazine:


Testable, re-deployable and travel-friendly, Jet-Force is the result of a multiyear collaboration between Black Diamond and PIEPS, two leaders in avalanche safety innovation. Combining Black Diamond’s expertise in industrial engineering and backcountry travel, JetForce features countless improvements over existing airbag technologies, from an intuitive deployment trigger to a proprietary tear-resistant and easily re-packable airbag fabric. To design Jet-Force’s custom electronics, Black Diamond turned to PIEPS, leaders in digital avalanche transceivers.

PIEPS applied their digital expertise to the engineering of JetForce’s electrical systems, from the ‘good-
to-go’ self-diagnosis on startup to the system-status LED monitors mounted in the trigger.

  • JET-FAN Battery-powered jet-fan inflates a 200L airbag in 3.5 seconds, followed by tear recovery bursts
  • MULTIPLE DEPLOYMENTS Travel-friendly, compact lithium-ion battery supports 4+ deployments per charge
  • AUTO SELF-DIAGNOSIS LED lights indicate system status. PIEPS electronics perform ‘good-to-go’ system check on every startup
  • LARGER AIRBAGS Constructed with high-tenacity, puncture resistant automotive airbag material
  • DEFLATION Airbag automatically deflates after 3 minutes to create a potential air pocket, and aid in extraction
  • PRACTICE Airbag is easy to repack for multiple deployments or practice at home
  • INFLATION TIME (200L): 3.5 seconds

Launching in Fall 2014, JetForce will be available in three packs from Black Diamond (Pilot 11L, Halo 28L and Saga 40L cargo volume), two packs from PIEPS (Tour Rider 24L and Tour Pro 34L cargo volume) and one pack from POC (Thorax 11L).

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