Mammut MTR 141 Thermo Jacket and MTR 141 Hybrid Pants – Trail Running Gear Review

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A while ago we reviewed a few pieces of kit from the Mammut MTR range, a range of gear aimed at trail runners. You can read those reviews here.

During the Spring months I’ve been lucky enough to test a couple more products from this range, the Mammut MTR 141 Thermo Jacket and 141 Hybrid Pants.

MTR 141 Thermo Jacket from Mammut

Mammut MTR 141 Thermo Jacket




Mammut say: “The warm, elastic PowerStretch  fleece material is ideal for long runs in cool temperatures. The windproof, very light 10-denier micro fabric on the front prevents rapid cooling in cold winds. Lightweight,fastdrying jersey inserts under the arms provide optimal temperature regulation.The offset shoulder seams guarantee a perfect fit while clever details such as reflective logos and easily stowable finger gaiters make the MTR 141 an ideal running partner.”

I’ve worn the MTR 141 Thermo Jacket from Mammut for lots of runs on cold days in the hills and love how comfortable it feels and the way that it helps to regulate my core temperature. The balance between windproofness, breathability and warmth makes it ideal for trail, fell and road runs in cooler weather or on on days when the windchill is proving a little too much! I’ve worn mine for cold morning runs from my house or when running in the hills of Snowdonia and the Lake District.


Mammut MTR 141 Thermo Jacket - great for long runs in the hills, particularly on cool and windy days.
Mammut MTR 141 Thermo Jacket – great for long runs in the hills, particularly on cool and windy days.

The Power Stretch fleece insulates effectively but also breathes well. The fit is a close one but the fabric is stretchy and moves with your body. I did find the sizing to be on the small side though, but I think this only felt that way across the chest and this is perhaps because the windproof panel on the front (which is great keeping the wind off), doesn’t stretch the same way that the Power Stretch fabric underneath does. I really liked just having this front windproof panel though as I sometimes find that a full windproof makes me overheat, even in quite cool winds. The lighter wicking fabric used on the underarms is also a nice touch and adds to the comfort of the MTR 141Thermo Jacket.

On really cold days I’ve worn this jacket next to the skin and it has performed brilliantly but the close fit does also allow for layering as well and it works fine with a thin baselayer underneath.

Going back to the cut, I really like the length (the jacket is hip length) as it keeps my lower back and kidney area well insulated and doesn’t ride up. I found the full length zip very smooth to use and also useful for further ventilation if things got a bit warmer. The collar gave a nice snug fit around my neck without feeling restrictive.

Mammut MTR 141 Thermo Jacket - super comfortable cuff and thumb loops.
Mammut MTR 141 Thermo Jacket – super comfortable cuff and thumb loops.

Other features I like are the super comfortable cuffs and thumb loops which are really cosy but don’t feel like they add extra bulk when not in use.

Mammut MTR 141 Thermo Jacket
Mammut MTR 141 Thermo Jacket

I would recommend the MTR 141 Thermo Jacket from Mammut to anybody who runs in cooler weather be it on road or trail. It is not an item that should be pigeon holed though as it also perfect for cold weather walking and climbing as well as ski touring, cross country skiing and cycling.


 Mammut MTR 141 Hybrid Pants

 Mammut MTR 141 Hybrid Pants

Performance and a half



Mammut say: “The lightweight, elastic materials in the Mammut MTR 141 Hybrid Pants provide unrestricted, warmth and protection. Once again, the cosy and stretchable Power Stretch fleece material is used to keep the legs warm. If the weather suddenly worsens, the laminated and waterproof polyamide fabric offers optimum protection from the elements. Knee folds backed with mesh also ensure great freedom of movement and excellent ventilation. Another sophisticated detail is the zip on the legs to adjust the width, ensuring an equally good fit for both easy ski tours and trail running.

So, when I first received the  Mammut MTR 141 Hybrid Pants, I was a bit sceptical, thinking they looked what some of my friends call “a bit Euro” in their styling and also (being a fan of simplicity) that they also looked a bit overdesigned. I was actually wrong on both counts, and once I got over the slightly unusual styling, I found that these pants are actually brilliant!

Fitting somewhere between a (super technical) running tight and a jogging pant, the Mammut MTR 141 Hybrid Pants have some interesting features. The upper leg, down to the knee is produced in Power Stretch and gives a close (but not tight) fit providing efficient thermal properties and great freedom of movement, with a well thought out, paneled construction and great articulation in the knees. Over the front of the entire trouser (for the whole length) is added a waterproof polyamide fabric to keep both the wind and moisture at bay. This fabric is used on the whole of the lower leg to protect whilst running through mud and long wet grass etc. The lower leg also has zippered gussets so that the pants can work over boots and ski boots although I still found them too neat even with the zips open, to fit properly over my ski touring boots.

Running in cold and dry or cold, damp and windy conditions is when the  Mammut MTR 141 Hybrid Pants truly come into their own. I did find that they can quickly become too warm in anything but cooler conditions and the waterproof polyamide fabric made them feel a bit sweaty in these sorts of conditions.

Once again I wouldn’t pigeon hole these pants as just being for running. They’re also great for cool weather walks, cross country skiing and even climbing.

If you are a runner who is looking for an alternative to the traditional winter tight, then these could be just the thing for you!



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