The North Face Wicked Crag Hoodie

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The North Face Wicked Crag Hoodie

CGR Tester Katie takes a look at the nice looking Wicked Crag hoodies from The North Face

Value for money: ***

Quality: ****

Performance: *****

It’s been a lovely summer so far with some crazy temperatures, but there have also been a few of those special days, sunshine and a cool breeze.  These are the days I’ve brought out The North Face Wicked Crag hoodie to wear.  The hoodie is made of a nice heathered fleece with brushed inside to keep you toasty and warm.  It has a Kangaroo style front pouch which works as a good mitt and a fitted hood for when the breeze picks up to a strong wind!  Other features are thumb loops (which aren’t annoying as the arms are quite long) and a hidden zip pocket on the side of the front pouch for the important things.  The fabric also has a UPF 30 sun protection to it, so no need to worry when the sun is shining down on winter days.

The North Face Wicked Crag hoodie was great to climb in.
The North Face Wicked Crag hoodie was great to climb in.

There were a few things I wanted to check for whilst testing this hoodie; could I wear it whilst climbing, so was it stretchy and did it get sweaty.  How did it handle a few washes, does it bobble up or stay looking good.  These are the classic things I look for and I think I’ve had a fair test of them.

So was the hoodie any good to climb in?  The answer is yes; I was a little wary to start with as it didn’t feel that stretchy, but it doesn’t hinder movement and the hood stays out of the way due to the streamline design of it; It’s not really big enough for a helmet comfortably, but great with a beanie underneath.  It’s also good to mention it doesn’t have any annoying toggles to tighten the hood, it has some cool little elasticated fabric pull ties that keep well out of the way (a nice touch).  The sleeves aren’t that wide though so having climbers arms means they don’t pull over the forearms that easily at first. It’s been through a few washes and has the start of bobbling on the front pouch a bit but nowhere else and not in any extreme.

Nice pockets and a zipped security one was a nice feature.
Nice pockets and a zipped security one was a nice feature.

In the past I’ve had clothing that’s been made of similar fabric which has got sweaty as soon as I’ve done anything vaguely sporty, so I assumed this would be the same; but it’s actually pretty good, it seems to breath quite well whilst keeping me at a good temperature.  I made sure I wore the hoodie in a number of different scenarios to get a good feel for it, one of which was cycling. Wearing it cycling showed it to be a great wind stopper, the fabric being as it is doesn’t let any wind through so keeps you toasty warm.  General lounging around and hanging out at the crag is comfortable and it’s pretty light weight so isn’t anything to worry about when packing light.

The North Face Wicked Crag hoodie was nice and warm on those cooler days.
The North Face Wicked Crag hoodie was nice and warm on those cooler days.

Price wise at £70.00 RRP it’s bang in the middle of the warm midlayer hoodie prices.  The colours great (Fiery red) and it comes in a Dazzling blue and Fanfare green as well, so enough choice.

I really like this hoodie, I’ve been grabbing it as I leave the house all summer because I know it’ll be just the ticket to keep me warm when the balmy days turns to cool evenings.  I’m especially looking forward to wearing it this Autumn/Winter (which isn’t far away!  Ahh sweet friction).




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