The EDELRID Rope Machine Tour

rope machine

April, 2015 – Isny im Allgäu, Germany – Climbers in the UK will have an unprecedented opportunity to see how their climbing ropes are made. From the 23rd of April until the 17th of May, EDELRID one of the world’s premier climbing rope manufacturers are bringing their rope making secrets to partner stores across the country. In order to make the braiding process as clear as possible the motor on the production machine that will be touring the UK has been modified. This throttles the speed, allowing onlookers to watch the bobbins move around the core, braid the sheath and produce a 6mm cord right before their eyes. For those with questions an EDELRID representative will man the machine for the duration of each weekend, including none other than sponsored athlete Robbie Phillips – at both the Derbyshire and Edinburgh events. The aforementioned machine comes directly from EDELRID’s production site in Isny im Allgäu, Germany, where all the brand’s ropes are made, and can be seen at

  • Ellis Brigham in Covent Garden between the 23rd – 26th of April,
  • Cotswold in Manchester between the 30th April – 3rd May,
  • Outside in Hathersage between the 7th – 10th May
  • Tiso at EICA Ratho in Edinburgh between the 14th – 17th May.

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