Wild Country Dynamic Jacket


Wild Country mens-dynamic-jacket

Part of Wild Country’s new foray into technical clothing, the Dynamic Jacket is a multi-purpose jacket designed primarily for climbing but that works equally well for running, cycling or just down to the pub. James Parkinson puts it to the test.

CGR Rating 4

Pretty similar to Vapour-Rise jackets, the Dynamic Jacket has a DWR treated nylon outer with a brushed polyester microfibre inner lining. This makes it resistant to wind and water while at the same time, breathable and with good wicking properties. I found that in light showers I was protected enough to not bother with a shell layer and blustery spring weather in the Lakes was also fine.

Wild Country Dynamic Jacket

The cut is a bit on the small side, but not enough to be a problem. It actually means that the Dynamic works well as a mid-layer under a hardshell and provides a good level of warmth. Climbing movement is unrestricted and I had no problems with the jacket riding up on high reaches.

Wild Country Dynamic Jacket worn as a midlayer.
Wild Country Dynamic Jacket worn as a midlayer.

The only pocket is a huge one on the left side of the chest which will easily swallow a map or a guidebook. It would have been nice for there to be some way of stowing the jacket away into this pocket and adding a clip loop for hanging on a harness but unfortunately that seems to have been overlooked. There are no hand pockets but that means the Dynamic is very comfortable when tucked into a harness.

The elasticated hem and cuffs work well and provide a good seal from the wind. I had the dark denim colourway (the Dynamic is also available in ‘tide pool green’) and found that the orange cuffs and grey zips looked pretty cool. I had some nice compliments from people in the pub which is always a welcome change!

Wild Country Dynamic Jacket - good fit with a climbing harness.
Wild Country Dynamic Jacket – good fit with a climbing harness.

For high output activities such as running or cycling, the Dynamic would be pretty good in cool or cold conditions or for people who don’t run particularly hot. There is no hood on the Dynamic and I don’t think it particularly needs one, but perhaps if the Wild Country range is to expand, having a hoody version could be one way to go.

In all, the Wild Country Dynamic jacket is great for a wide range of activities across the seasons and will be my go-to top for cragging this spring.


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