Wild Country Electron Quickdraw Review


Dave takes a look at the Electron quickdraw to see if it’s value for money.

Combining the quick clipping new Electron biner with our proven variable width webbing makes for a great value sport draw in a variety of lengths.

CGR Rating 3

Last year we reviewed the excellent Proton quickdraw from Wild Country, the Electron version is a more value offering. The Proton is a good value quickdraw and I have used it for a variety of climbing situations: with clients on my trad leading courses, for personal trad climbing and for sport climbing both single and multi pitch.

The quickdraw is designed and made as a value sport climbing quickdraw and they are well suited to this, they have a clean action, they have a great wide tape that was perfect for grabbing and colour coded biners so I didn’t get confused.

Wild Country Electron was great for multi pitch bolt clipping.
Wild Country Electron was great for multi pitch bolt clipping.

The biners are nice and large so I found them easy to handle and the action was very smooth. The straight gate is silver/red with a keylock nose so nice and snag free (especially in wires) and a nice large opening so I could clip a variety of bolts and wire placements. The main issue with the straight gate is that I couldn’t get it to remain open with a standard Beta Designs clipstick. It would work on a Trango Squid or a homemade design but most climbers use the Beta Clip so I thought this was an issue that could be overcome by using the Proton gate. The curved gate worked well enough, it isn’t as featured as the Proton but as long as I was climbing easy enough I found the Electron easy to clip rope into.

The Electron was fine for trad too.
The Electron was fine for trad too.

The curved gate was also clamped into position using the excellent ‘Vice’. This is one of the best biner clamps going. One of the very good points is that it is still easy to remove and replace the biner from the Vice so that when you want to chain quickdraws together you can do that very easily.

So in conclusion, the Wild Country Electron quickdraw is a great value sport climbing quickdraw that would be perfect suitable as your first set of quickdraws, you could quite happily use them for trad climbing as they were light at 112g for the 12cm version. The only real issue (which is a big one) is that they won’t fit into a standard mass market clip stick.

The Electron range comes in 3 sizes, 12, 17 and 25cms. The 12 and 17cm come in sets of 5. There are no mixed sets.

SRP £17.00, £17.50, £18.00

Availaible from 


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