Scrambles in The Lake District – North and South

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Lake District South

I’m always on the lookout for new adventures in The Lakes District – I both work and play there and know the district quite well. That said, like most people, I use the same old routes time and again and now and again I like to seek out something new and exciting. I’ve been using a scrambling guide for the Lakes for a while now, but it isn’t very good so it was great to see that Cicerone have bought out a new guide to scrambling in The Lakes District in 2 volumes no less.

Brian Evans covers the area in 2 volumes, North and South with 236 mountain adventures up all the major summits and plenty of valley scrambles too.  Brain Evans is knowledgeable and the route descriptions are well thought out and should aid even the most occasional visitor. The scrambles are graded for difficulty- using the UK scrambling grades of 1 to 4 (although it must be noted that Brain has introduced the Grade 4 to replace the standard 3s) and starred for quality with * being above average and *** being an outstanding classic.

Lake District NorthThe introduction is well written and covers all the logistical, environmental and safety information the visitor needs as well as a little history (written by local experts). The routes are well detailed and the written explanation is accurate enough to follow. The route diagrams are sketched and I would have liked to have seen more modern photo diagrams as there were plenty of full crag shots dotted around the guides.

The guide covers both Crag, Mountain and Gill scrambles and there is plenty of warning about how to enjoy both types safely. There are plenty of good quality photographs to get you excited and the star system will ensure you have a good time. This new edition with over 200 great days out is a great addition to your lake District guide selection.

SRP £14.95

Available from Cicerone with a great deal of 25% off until the end of June.

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