Gear News – Dannah a new British Alpine brand to look out for.


Dannah is a new brand to the UK Outdoor market, but the man behind it brings with him 20 years of experience having worked with some of the leading names in outdoor apparel. The Waterproof Alpine Jacket for both men and women is the brand’s flagship garment. Drawing upon Richard Dannah’s extensive knowledge it has been created to challenge some of the design orthodoxies evident across other outdoor products, whilst offering
versatility, durability and features that are just where you need them – hence the brand’s slogan of
‘Made to Endure’.

Both jackets, as you would expect, are fully waterproof, windproof, breathable, lightweight (480g for a
size medium) and durable. Unique features include the patented Dannah hood that is fully helmet
compatible, providing total coverage and a secure fit without restricting movement or visibility – this is
thanks to the high density cold flexible peak, a unique design that’s tested to flex at temperatures as
low as -30°C. Another unique feature is the ergonomic tailoring, wherein anatomical mannequins are
utilised to ensure 360° body movement throughout the full range of motion. This is particularly evident
in the twisted sleeve design that provides excellent elbow articulation whilst reducing the amount of
seams required.
The choice of membranes is also unorthodox, though undoubtedly effective. The men’s variant uses a
high tenacity 40 denier ripstop Porelle Dry membrane sourced in the UK, whilst the women’s uses a
tactile microporous soft touch™ of the same denier and sourced from Japan. These 3-layer
applications have been chosen for their ability to protect against changing and unpredictable weather
conditions whilst also being durable enough to withstand the rigorous demands of mountaineers and
the like.

The aforementioned membrane selections are not down to functionality alone, they also have an
ecological aspect to them. The durable water resistant finish (DWR) is free from perfluorocarbons
(PFC) – these are dirt, water and oil repellent compounds comprised of carbon and fluorine, that once
added to the environment are extremely difficult to remove. They are commonly found in many
outdoor products. In addition, unlike many traditional waterproofs, the Dannah Waterproof Alpine
Jacket does not contain expanded polytetrafluoroethane (ePTFE), which does not biodegrade. When
you take this into account alongside the fact that the jacket is engineered to be long lasting, and that
Porelle Dry is manufactured here in the UK in a factory that uses only wind and solar energy – the
Dannah Alpine Waterproof Jacket is an ecologically responsible choice.

SRP: £320

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