The Pennine Way-The Path, the People, the Journey

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The Pennine Way is probably the most iconic long distance footpath in the UK and Andrew McCloy’s new book describing the whole route as a journey is a joy to read. I love the way Andrew breaks down the book into the journey you will make yourself (or have made), each of the 12 sections describes the journey in detail with a rich and easy going prose. The sections are packed with insights about the ecology and natural environment as well (and most importantly in my opinion) the people involved in the locality.

Andrews descriptions of the current state of the path are excellent and it is good to know that the path itself is in good form. Each section has a detailed description about the direction, the accommodation and eateries. It is not a guidebook per se but you will glean enough information to aid your planning. Again I loved Andrews prose and descriptions, his visit to The Three Peaks Café in Horton-in-Ribblesdale is wonderfully accurate. I have spent many hour in there leading Three peaks Walks, I have never asked to see the Pennine Way volumes but I will next time!

In conclusion The Pennine Way is a great companion and gives a wonderful insight to The Path, the People and the Journey. It would be best served in small doses and each section read the day before you are going to walk it! I wouldn’t hesitate to make shelf space for it and it would make an ideal gift either to yourself or a loved one.

SRP: £12:95

Available from Cicerone.

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