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As winter approaches and temperatures drop, thoughts turn away from warm rock climbs to frigid frosty faces, cauliflowered columns, pencil pillars and drooping daggers. Then there’s strenuous steinpulling, tenuous torques and hero hooks – the world of the mixedmaster.

CGR have a technical ice tool extravaganza coming up for you in November with an in depth article and a vast number of reviews. But in the meantime, feast your eyes upon 3 new and updated tools from one of the main players, Petzl.

Coming soon to a mountain near you…Ice Ice Baby!


The Alpine Trinity: since the early 2000s, Petzl’s QUARK, NOMIC and ERGO ice axes have become true benchmarks in the world of ice, mixed and dry-tool climbing. Now, in a long-awaited update, all three have been revamped for more comfort, lighter weight, and extra versatility.


Petzl Quark



The updated QUARK (£205.00) gains a new hydroformed shaft for improved handling, plus an uprated handle with TRIGREST and GRIPREST handrests. The QUARK is supplied with the versatile ICE pick which is optimised across snow, ice or mixed terrain, but can easily be swopped for the PUR’ICE or DRY picks and fitted with MASSELOTTES weights. As before, the GRIPREST folds in easily for plunging, and there’s a new spike compatible with Petzl’s V-LINK leash.


Petzl Nomic

The new NOMIC (£230.00) also gains a hydroformed shaft, but the most visible change is in the handle which is perforated for lighter weight and redesigned for multiple grip modes and stable hand switching. The GRIPREST handrest gives more support, is adjustable across three positions for different hand sizes, and the spike is now compatible with the V-LINK leash. The NOMIC comes supplied with the PUR’ICE pick, tapered to a 3mm tip for excellent penetration, plus MASSELOTTES weights. Like the QUARK, picks can easily be swopped for the ICE or DRY versions. The hammer version features a ‘minimalist hammer’ protecting the head and allowing a piton to be hammered, but a full MARTEAU hammer may also be fitted.


Petzl Ergonomic

The ERGO is renamed ERGONOMIC, and is arguably the most changed of the three ice tools. The ERGONOMIC (£280.00) uses the same hydroformed shaft as the NOMIC, but its more radical reach is achieved via a new angled grip. The sharp angle of the handle offers multiple grip modes, helps withprolonged hanging, and increases power when pulling. There’s no TRIGREST supplied as per the previous version, but this can be retro-fitted as an accessory. The DRY pick is optimized for slotting and torqueing, with the serrated top edge designed to stabilise inverted positions; ice picks can also be fitted, or the new PUR’DRY pick designed specifically for dry tooling. Fitted MASSELOTTES weights are optimised for slotting in cracks, and like the NOMIC there’s a ‘minimalist hammer’ supplied on the hammer version.

The common platform of accessories available across all Petzl’s technical ice tools, including the SUM’TEC and GULLY, designed to give as much flexibility as possible.



For more details check out the Petzl website 


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