Walks and Scrambles in the Moroccan Anti-Atlas Review

A nice, well researched guide to hiking and mountain adventures in this wonderful part of North Africa.

I have a couple of other guidebooks to Morocco as it’s finally edging itself up the list of places to visit for a trip in 2019 or early 2020 so the arrival of the new and updated Cicerone guide came as a welcome addition to my The High Atlas: Treks and Climbs and Morocco Rock. On top of those two the you might find the Lonely Planet guide and other useful addition if you are intending to explore the country after your mountain adventures.

That said there is more than enough useful information in Walks and Scrambles in the Moroccan Anti-Atlas to plan a trip to the area and the area is well served with mobile signal so you should be able to supplement the guide with Google. The information David Wood provides in the guide is informative and very useful with being overly complicated and unnecessary, just enough to get what you need. There is plenty of informative advice on when to go, how to get there and how to enter the country. On top of that there are chapters covering geology, politics, culture, climate and a good section covering the basics needed to enjoys a holiday scrambling and travelling through the mountain environment. All very useful stuff that doesn’t crowd out the main content of describing the routes.

Routes are described in geographical locations and each village has a detailed map showing where important places are such as the pharmacy, medical centre, etc. Each area has a great selection of routes at all grades (grades are explained in detail in the introduction section) and abilities from simple walks with easy summits to complicated and long days out with scrambles that will test you. They are all described in detail with where to park, a general description and then a detailed description and map. The description also notes what detailed map is needed for the activity and it must be stated that although the maps provided are reasonable they are no substitute for a detailed topo map and a compass. 

Much care is used to describe descents and this alone marks out David’s knowledge of the routes and the area as in other guidebooks I’ve used they are often sketchy. There are also plenty of good quality photos to keep you inspired. The Walks and Scrambles in the Moroccan Anti-Atlas is a useful guide to planning and enjoying your hiking adventures in this amazing and varied country. I’m currently planning a big Moroccan trip which involves hiking, scrambling, bouldering and general travel so Mark Woods Guide is proving extremely useful as the information is bang up to date and the guide is small enough to pack in my very small hand luggage. I won’t hesitate to take it with me and use it as an in country source of reference.

SRP: £17.95 but currently on sale at £16.16

Available direct from Cicerone and various independent retailers.

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