SHELL YEAH – 100% Recycled Waterproof Shells From Patagonia!

Patagonia’s Ascensionist Jacket is made from 100% recycled materials just like all their other shells. Patagonia – industry leaders in environmental sustainability and accountability.

For the first time ever, all of Patagonia’s Shells for Autumn/Winter 2019 are made from recycled materials and are all Fair Trade sewn, without sacrificing performance or durability. That’s what is being celebrated with their Shell, Yeah! campaign.

The focus is on the achievement – causing less harm with their environmental footprint and supporting the people who build the product – and on recognising the risks and rewards of going first. Someone has to do it. And with 62 shells now responsibly made, Patagonia is glad they did it. Now they want the whole industry to follow. 

Find out more at their website

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