Grivel Duetto Helmet Review


Grivel’s latest helmet the Duetto follows suite with their unique aesthetic first seen in their Stealth helmets. The angular faceted design is somewhat divisive with people either loving or hating the appearance. However when it comes to function their fit, durability and comfort are first rate.

Unlike Grivel’s previous helmets the Duetto is constructed from EPP (Expanded PolyPropylene) the same material pioneered by Petzl in their Sirocco helmets. This allows for a very lightweight construction at only 215g whilst still meeting the dual certification (hence the name) for both mountaineering and alpine skiing (CE EN 1077) – an impressive feat. This is really the USP for the Duetto for although it is a little heavier than the Sirocco that helmet is only certified for mountaineering and ski mountaineering rather than alpine. The downside to this is that a thicker layer of EPP is used resulting in a bulkier helmet. This bulk is most visually noticeable width wise when looking front on especially if you have a more petit head. From the side it is not particularly noticeable giving only a slight increase in bulk over the Stealth HS.

Duetto on the left Stealth HS on the right – it’s difficult to show the slight increase in bulk but this gives some idea.

The Duetto comes in a one size fits all with the addition of some foam pads to finesse the fit, adjustment being taken care of by simple double triglide buckles and webbing with two little D rings to aid grip. This lateral strap can be adjusted (slid) up and down to position it at the base of the occipital bone to ensure the helmet remains stable. I find this system easy and foolproof with the added benefit it all folds neatly into the helmet with the minimum of bulk making packing a cinch. A single fastex buckle secures the helmet under the chin and again this is easy to fasten and adjust even with gloves on. There are four headtorch clips of the plastic variety identical to those on the Grivel Stealth HS. I’ve stated before that I have a preference for the elastic fastening on the rear as this allows you to get the headtorch attached easily and securely before tensioning it round to secure under the front clips. I’ve twice watched partners ‘ping’ their headtorches off a helmet when using an all clips set up with cold hands and an icy/wet helmet – both times it ended up at their feet and not down the crag but… Anyway the clips work as well as any other clips out there. One minor feature of the shape is a very slight lip at the front of the helmet and this works surprisingly well to divert minor water drips away from your face – not an issue summer rock climbing (hopefully!) but another little bonus in winter. Grivel include a helmet bag and a very useful helmet carrier. The bag just gets relegated to food organisation for myself but the helmet holder is genuinely useful, allowing you to attach the helmet to the outside of many packs with minimum faff. I find it works well to stash your helmet with a windproof or waterproof inside for quick access saving space in the pack itself.

In Use
The Duetto has proven to be an excellent all round climbing helmet – I can’t really vouch for it’s skiing prowess apart from a brief session on rolerskis when I’d forgotten my bike helmet and luckily had my climbing kit in the van! In terms of overall bulk it is similar to the Grivel Stealth HS and easily fitted beneath a variety of hardshell and belay jacket hoods although it is marginally ‘taller’ than the Petzl Sirocco. The one size fits all harness was extremely stable keeping the helmet securely in place including when used with a headtorch. The range of adjustment meant that it could easily accommodate a fleece hood or hat in winter whilst still snugging down on my unadorned head in summer.

Spring rock routes; no idea why I closed my eyes – maybe it was Dave’s belaying 😉

Ventilation is adequate and I had no issues summer cragging but I didn’t get to climb in truly hot conditions and there are other helmets with more ventilation available if you spend a lot of time on scorchingly hot sun drenched rock! The Duetto’s focus is autumn, winter and spring mountain use, especially for those seeking a dual mountaineering and skiing helmet – hence the name! However it makes for an awesome winter/ice climbing helmet as well for the non-skiers with a significant weight saving over Grivel’s old Stealth HardShell paired with exceptional durability. Within reason this is a helmet that can be stuffed into a winter sac without fear of cracking it and will put up with the abuse typical of alpine or Scottish mixed routes.


  • Lightweight
  • Robust
  • Dual Ski/Climb certified
  • Simple and comfy adjustment


  • Divisive looks
  • Slightly bulkier.

SRP £125 or €139


Disclaimer – CGR reviewers are never paid to provide a review and the website does not take advertising. We are a bunch of keen climbers and travellers that accept sample products and offer an honest and independent review of the item. The reviewer will often keep the sample after reviewing it for both hygiene reasons and more often they’re in no fit state to return!

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