Klean Kanteen TKPro Review 2022

Compact, impeccable ethical credentials and piping hot warmth out on the hill.

A high quality thermos flask is a highly underrated item to have on your kit list. Ever the Cinderella it only ever shines when 5 hours later other folk are bemoaning lukewarm coffee from a cheap flask and you are still basking in the glow of piping hot beverages. So, you get what you pay for in flasks – cheap often means compromise and being doomed to tepid drinks just when you need the warmth.

The Klean Kanteen TKPro thermos is very much at the premium end of the flask market. You can buy a steel flask for £12.50 – a reputable brand too. But….there are important differences. I own the flask I’m mentioning here. I’ve had it for about 12 years. It provides a hot drink… for a two hour bouldering session. I’ve also had the more expensive version, The Primus Trailbreak, a nice looking flask that was twice the price and extended my hot drinks for a full climbing day out. But it soon developed shocking leaks which I discovered when my climbing kit was soaked with hot blackcurrant!

So, you definitely gets what you pays for (IMHO of course). The TKPro flask from Klean Kanteen has performed excellently throughout the test I have been giving it. I’ve been using it for bouldering, climbing and hiking and have been loving it.

The ethical credentials of Klean Kanteen are second to non and I’ve been buying items from them for a while based on the ethical stance of the company. Carbon Nuetral Certified, 1% For The Planet and Certified B Corps are all established and transparent certifications so you can be sure there is no green washing and well worth the premium to support.

So, down to the business end. The TKPro is made from 18/8 Food Grade stainless steel and feels bombproof in it’s construction. It’s vacuum insulated and has been keeping my beverages hot for well over 5 hours and is so hot I still have to let it cool down in the cup. The main body holds 750ml (25.4oz) and has a nice chunky feel to it. Smaller hands might struggle with gloves on but should OK  out of the time. The narrow neck makes pouring easy and precise. It’s a nice robust design that should be able to take the knocks and drops of a general day out. 

The TKPro flask was a great addition for cold bouldering days.

The cup is very tactile and hold 250ml comfortably without overfilling. Again made entirely from stainless steel there is no plastic at all. The “knobbly” internal thread is a nice feature and works well. I have not been able to over tighten it – which you can often do on – not matter how hard I have tried. The edge is pleasantly rounded and it is also vacuum insulated so you will have to be careful that you don’t scald your lips with the piping hot contents.

The lid is an amazing piece of engineering with the same TK Closure threading ensuring there is 360 degree pour through capability and the same security of closure. The seals are silicone and not plastic, they are the only non metal parts to the entire flask and it would be very difficult to get a good seal with anything other than plastic, rubber or silicone. These part are replaceable from Klean Kanteen should they degrade and leak.

In conclusion the Klean Kanteen TKPro flask is an excellent addition to your cold weather. It’s robust design, innovative 360 degree pour through and bombproof manufacture will ensure you enjoy piping hot drinks for years to come.

The Klean Kanteen TKPro comes in sizes 500ml, 750ml and 1L and 3 colour options.

SRP is 39.95GBP and is available direct from Klean Kanteen and specialist retailers.

Disclaimer – CGR reviewers and writers are never paid to provide a review and the website does not take advertising or link to affiliate sales. We are a bunch of keen climbers and travellers that accept sample products and offer an honest and independent review of the item. The reviewer will often keep the sample after reviewing it for both hygiene and safety reasons and more often it’s in no fit state to return!

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