Klättermusen ‘Long Days & Fast Nights’

The Klättermusen SS23 collection brings to life the pioneering spirit of the brand, launching new technical designs created with durability and protection in mind – for days and nights of long exploration and fast-paced thrill seeking.
Known for its high quality refined mountaineering equipment, Klättermusen’s latest collection showcases a range of outdoor gear, with durable products ideal for life’s longer adventures, and lightweight garments to enhance fast-paced, high energy activity.
When it comes to long days of adventure – think weekends and weeks spent in huts, cabins or tents – Klättermusen’s collection is designed for enjoying nature slowly and taking the time to appreciate the surroundings on long hikes and multi-day treks. Klättermusen have developed durable and protective equipment that enables wearers to carry heavier loads for long distances, through ever changing terrain so they can explore for hours to reach remote spots of beauty.
As the long day gives way to the fast night, the Klättermusen collection also caters to lighter equipment needs for high energy activities such as fast trekking, trail running, biking, climbing and bouldering. Designed for a full-tilt lifestyle of speed, endorphins and the well known “runner’s high”, the Klättermusen ‘Long Days & Fast Nights’ concept allows wearers to fully enjoy and embrace the outdoors in all of its natural glory.
From the protective, durable and robust requirements for hiking and trekking activities, to the freedom, lightness and comfort needed for fast-paced activities, the SS23 collection is the complete outdoor experience. Klättermusen designs clothing that supports the global community of outdoor enthusiasts to pursue any challenge they put their mind to.

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