Walking on Tenerife 2023 by Paddy Dillon

A comprehensive guide to the superb range of hiking in Tenerife

I’ve been to Tenerife plenty of times, I have a climbing friend who lives there. The island is surprisingly abundant in climbing and hiking opportunities and greener than you might think – especially in the north of the island.

This third edition of Walking in Tenerife published by Cicerone is an updated version of the 2011 guide so you can expect up-to-date information on how to get around and any changes to previous hiking trails.

The guide covers the complete island in 45 walks and includes the long-distance GR 131 path and the hike to the summit of El Teide. It has comprehensive coverage of everything you would need to know to plan a hiking holiday including how to get around using public transport.

The hikes are grouped into geographic sections which would allow you to fully explore each area or pick a selection from each to explore the island. The route descriptions are detailed with up-to-date information (there is an update you can access via the Cicerone website with details on how to do that in the front of the book) and good quality mapping including contours and altitude information and photos.

Appendices include a route summary index, useful contact information, a topographical glossary and some useful phraseology.

The guide is well worth buying if you are planning a specific hiking holiday to the island or you are just planning a couple of days of easy hikes whilst on holiday. 

The Walking on Tenerife guide costs £17.95 and is available direct from Cicerone on specialist bookshops. It is available in both a printed and e-book version.

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