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Climbing Gear Reviews UK is a UK based gear review website that hosts articles and independent reviews on a wide variety of outdoor and adventure topics. We have a team of experienced, outdoor professionals and writers who test equipment in the field and publish high quality, content rich reviews online with high SEO rankings. We also have a very popular Facebook page that has a great and loyal following, we also have a Twitter account @cgruk and a Pintrest Page for content creation ideas.

Our readership is wide and varied and is mostly based in the UK and USA, we also enjoy readers from Japan and through Europe and even South America. and many other parts of the climbing world.

We write content rich features on kit suggestions, destination articles on topics as diverse as ice climbing, solo travel, rock climbing, mountaineering, adventure travel, skiing and trail running! All things adventure is what we are about – if there is kit involved we can write features about it.

The team currently consists of:

Dave Sarkar – Senior Staff Writer 

Dave was an original founder of the site, he was a reviewer for UKC but decided that he needed the freedom to pursue his own interests. He is now a retired Mountaineering Instructor and focusses fully on CGR as the main Editor. His main interests are: rock climbing, hiking and solo adventure travel.

Kev Avery – Senior Writer

Kev was also a founding partner of CGR, he has been a review and Gear Editor at UKC and also Gear Editor of Climb Magazine before it disappeared. He is a fully qualified IFAGM Mountain Guide based in Chamonix

Rich Allen – Senior Writer

Rich originally joined us our Tech Guru and he can still perform his website magic when needed. He is still an accomplished climber, runner and mountaineer. 


If you would like us to review any of your brand’s equipment, want any kit advice or simply want to know more about us then please email:




  1. hi, congrats from italy for your blog, lot of quality info in here.
    are you going to review the Osprey Mutant 28 Pack – lightweight rucksack? that’d be intersting.

    keep being cool


  2. Hello, I am reading your blog, I find it very interesting and well done.
    Just a small detail: Salewa is Italian, not German. I know, in an age of multinationals…but it’s like we call here in IT DMM English, I guess our friends from Wales wouldn’t appreciate that too much.
    I was about to buy a Mutant too…I will wait until you review is published on your site. I look forward to it.
    Thx! Cheers

    1. Thank you for your reply Gianfrancesco. You are absolutely correct, Salewa is an Italian company whose roots began in Germany. Indeed it still has a base in Munich but we will refer to it as Italian in future articles. The Miage review is due very soon – we’re very glad you enjoy our reviews. Happy climbing! Dave.

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