GEAR NEWS – Totem Cams, a new camming concept from Spain.


The Totem Cam is a new, innovative camming device from The Basque Country in Spain. It represents a step forward in cam performance, with more than 8 years of research, prototypes, getting feedback from many climbers, and improving the first ideas, we have developed a camming device that introduces new features and capabilities. The new patented Direct Loading Camming Device System (US patent 7,014,156) applies a perfectly equalized load directly onto each lobe, minimizing the risk of inactive lobes and therefore any outbalanced forces that might compromise cam placement stability. When the crack is not deep enough and only two/three lobes contact the rock, Totem Cam offers the possibility to load only two lobes, to exploit shallow or flared cracks where one or two outer lobes cannot establish rock contact. Placements involving only half of the lobes can help to support body weight in aid climbing situations, but they cannot be used to protect against a fall. Once you have a Totem Cam in your hands, you can realize their flexibility, good expansion range (1.64:1) and high quality.

Watch out for a full CGR UK review of these great looking cams in 2011

You can view more details at

More technical details can be found in this video:

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