GEAR NEWS: Voluntary Recall Announced For Limited Portion of 2010 Black Diamond AvaLung Packs

Voluntary Recall Announced For Limited Portion of 2010 Black Diamond AvaLung Packs


Black Diamond Equipment, a leading global climbing and freeride ski brand, is making a voluntarily announced recall of a limited portion of 2010 Black Diamond AvaLung Packs because of a possibility that the intake tubing may crack under cold temperatures. “While we have not experienced a single safety issue related to this recall, we are aggressively pursuing the return of all potentially affected units,” explains Christian Jaeggi, Managing Director Black Diamond Equipment AG. “The AvaLung has saved multiple lives over the years and we cannot accept a hint of doubt in its ability to perform when needed.”

The recall pertains to a limited manufacturing run of Black Diamond AvaLung Packs sold in 2010, which can be identified by a PO number and model combination presented on the following website: Any AvaLung Pack that falls within the announced criteria is potentially part of the recall and should be immediately returned to Black Diamond Equipment for inspection and/or replacement. Not all AvaLung Packs from these PO numbers have a faulty AvaLung unit, but this determination must be made in-house.

After determining that a 2010 AvaLung Pack has one of these PO numbers, Black Diamond requests that consumers:

a) Print out the required return form from

b) Remove the AvaLung unit from your pack and return it to Black Diamond for inspection (see site for detailed video explanation)

c) Or, if do not wish to remove the AvaLung unit yourself, return the entire pack to Black Diamond to have the AvaLung unit inspected.

“We at Black Diamond apologize both for the inconvenience of this recall,” says Nathan Kuder, Black Diamond’s Softgoods Category Director. “The mere possibility that the AvaLung could potentially fail makes this an easy decision for us. Because the AvaLung plays an important role in avalanche protocol we want this recall effort to be 100% successful.”

For help identifying potentially affected AvaLung Packs, return instructions or questions on the status of a replacement, please contact Black Diamond at 0041 (0)61 564 33 33 or email

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