Gear News – Arcteryx Climbing Harnesses

Every wondered how those brilliant by Arcteryx are made? Listen to the designer…

Do you have an Arcteryx harness? We’d love to read your views, why not leave a comment.


  1. I have an R320a. Bit of an impulse buy (no thanks to the guy in Needle Sports!) but turned out to be a cracking purchase. Incredibly thin and light but still comfortable enough for reasonable hanging belays.

    I’ve used it for UK trad and it’ll be used for cascade ice and hopefully some mixed out in Japan this winter. I look forward to using it.

    If you want a proper review after the winter season I’d be happy to write one!

    1. Just spotted you already have one – sorry! I agree with the review entirely except that my leg loop ass elastic is looking rather furry now. I’m not sold on it. Fiddly with gloves, too. An odd way of shaving grams…

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