Blog – watch the Ice Master, Beat Kammerlander climb trad!

Beat Kammerlander well lnown for his Ice Climbing skills climbs his trad project in Austria.

I’ve always been been most inspired by the climbers who quietly go about thier climbing business. They’re often off many climbers radars, regular guys with regular jobs, kids, etc but consistently climb at a level I can only dream of emulating. Watch Austrian legend Beat Kammerlander climb this awesome looking trad route; even though it’s trad watch out for the belay technique! OK,OK, I know it’s not true UK style ground up on sight but it’s still great to watch and I wish that crag was outside my house! I’m 50 next year so it’s great to know that all is not lost and that if I keep my psyche and train as hard as I can then I’ll still be able to climb at a level that truly keeps me happy. Happy climbing, Dave.

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