UpRaw Sports Nutrition – Climbing Gear Review


UpRaw Sports Nutrition

Adam Lincoln tests out some UpRaw sports nutrition. And here is the verdict…


For the 18 years or so I have been climbing, I don’t think I have really stumbled upon the best crag food. Believe me, I have tried everything! My favourite tends to be the humous and pitta bread. This can be a bit heavy if you eat too much though. Add to this a banana, the odd flapjack, a flask of coffee and I didn’t think I could go far wrong.

Then a friend introduced me to a new product; UpRaw. A catchy name was my first thought. Then a few other things came to mind. A quick chat with the guys and these are some of my thoughts…

My initial reaction was how un-sweet UpRaw is and slightly bitter. With only 4.7g sugars per serving (from honey only) to give just enough without inducing a ‘spike and subsequent crash’ associated with consuming too many sugars in one hit (giving my pancreas a break too from having to produce insulin to deal with excessive sugar intake).

The bitterness comes from the pure cocoa powder (not chocolate) being high in magnesium for muscle function and naturally occurring antioxidants.

UpRaw is packed with walnuts that provide a good protein hit and just as importantly a great source of healthy fats, including omega 3s – natures very own anti inflammatories!

Protein levels are boosted with unflavoured whey protein isolate, widely regarded as the king of proteins and old filtered for the best possible quality.

Desiccated coconut provides a whole host of nutritional properties, not least MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) that convert to useable energy.

Cinnamon, nutmeg and some hand harvested sea salt from Cornwall help maintain electrolyte balance.

I was amazed at how ‘clean’ UpRaw tasted and felt. I also noted how filling without feeling physically full, I felt. UpRaw told me that was a hormonal satiety response to the naturally occurring proteins and fats. There are satiety hormones that tell your brain to stop eating when we these fats and proteins are consumed and that’s why I felt ‘satisfied’ and not full. Carbs from cereal grains etc and especially too many sugars only spank your pancreas to make more insulin  – full steam ahead towards diabetes for example.

In a nutshell (no pun intended) 10/10 for UpRaw sports nutrition. The perfect crag, training and ‘knife and fork’ replacement fuel. It’s real food that my body needs.

UpRaw is breaking new ground in the diet and nutrition world with other varieties in the pipeline including nut and whey free versions.

UpRaw is so much more than something to eat and has really opened my eyes to food and nutrition. I now always look at the labels and nutritional profiles of food stuffs I buy and compare the profiles of other products to UpRaw… Whether you believe the rationale or not, the proof is in the eating!!

For anymore info, please visit the UpRaw website

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