The North Face Go Light Go Fast Tee Review

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TNF Go Light TCGR reviewer Katie takes a look at The North Face Go Light Go Fast Tee.

The Go Light Go Fast Short Sleeve Tee is a stretchable, lightweight first layer that’s ideal for fast-paced activities.

CGR Rating 4

I’ll start off by saying this is one of the lightest T-shirts I’ve owned.  A T-shirt designed for running, hiking or even climbing, The Go Light Go Fast is a stretchable first layer with moisture wicking properties on the back of the T and side panels.

I’ve been wearing the T-shirt in warm and cold weather  (20°C + and 9°C) and it’s very good at keeping you warm or cool depending on what you need.  In the hot weather climbing in France I wore the Go Light Go Fast for a number of days climbing (camping and no washing machine!) which was a great test for smelliness and breathability.  By the end of the trip the T-shirt didn’t smell at all and I found it a great base layer to wear when the weather got cooler as well.

The North Face Go Lite Go Fast is ideal for hot weather climbing
The North Face Go Lite Go Fast is ideal for hot weather climbing

As for stretchiness there seems to be no better test then getting a top to wear near the start of being pregnant and still being able to wear it 7 months on!  Size wise I’m normally an XS in TNF gear and the top did fit but I think I could have gone a size up and still been comfortable, I just felt the top looked a little stretched in places and the arms as usual weren’t made for climbers.  This didn’t mean I was restricted in anyway, I was just aware that the women in the picture had some space between her arms and the T-shirt and I had non. A few months on and I can still wear the Tee, it stretches perfectly and doesn’t roll up over the bump as I move, which is a common occurrence in too small T’s.  So size wise an XS seems to equate perfectly to a 6/8 UK fit (arm dependent).

The North Face Go Lie Go Fast was a great fir for a base layer.
The North Face Go Lie Go Fast felt a little stretched in places, I could have gone a size up.

When the T-shirt actually needs washing it seems to wear well.  I’ve washed it a number of times and there’s no bobbling or misshaping taking place.

At £40 I think it sits well with other first layers of its calibre, it definitely does the job and is much better than a standard Tee which you’d pay over £25 for anyway. So in my opinion a fair price for a quality Tee.

I’ve worn The North Face Go Light Go Fast for climbing, walking and running and I really like the feel of it, I don’t feel sweaty when I run, it’s highly breathable thanks to the side panels and the yoke at the back and looks great as well.  It comes in three colours, green, blue and pink and the panels add to the nice look of the T-shirt.

The Go Lie Go Fast was great for running, keeping me cool and dry.
The Go Lie Go Fast was great for running, keeping me cool and dry.

The body is a good length so doesn’t sit high on the waist, it’s easy to tuck in and when you stretch up it doesn’t show off your midriff to the world.  I have quite a long back so that’s always a sticking point for me.

So to conclude, The North Face Go Light Go Fast T-shirt doesn’t ride up when you run, and isn’t restrictive when you climb, it also acts as a great base layer when out walking on a cooler day.  So all in all a quality little number that I’ll hopefully be wearing for a long time to come.

SRP: £40.00


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