Wild Country Superlight Offset Rocks Review

wildcountry_logoWC Superlight OffsetCGR take a look to at the new Wild Country Offset Rocks to see if they shed some grams.

Less is more. Subtle, superlight and secure, Superlight Offset Rocks are by far the lightest passive pro per size in the world.

CGR Rating 5

I bought a set of Wild Country Superlight Rocks as soon as they came out several years ago. Since then they have become a staple and invaluable part of my rack. I keep them with my normal wires so I have three of everything on the lower sizes with minimal weight gain. They have proved their worth on those awkward, shallow slots where a full sized rock just won’t fit right.

When I’m on a ‘moving mountain’ day – a day where we are covering a lot of ground at up to VS (5.7), moving fast and often simul climbing I ditch the full size rocks 1-6 completely and just carry Superlights.  With thinner wire, shallow profile and Wild Country standard colour coding they have been a constant on my rack for many a season.

So how do the new Wild Country Superlight Offset Rocks compliment the original Superlight Rocks? Firstly they are exactly what they say on the tin –superlight. The set, which comes in sizes Rock 5 to 10 weighs in on the CGR scales at a mere 160g.-the official weight is 163g. Normal set of Rocks 5-10 is 284g and that’s older rocks so you add a few extra grams onto that so you are saving a 124g in weight.

Superlight is the name of the game. A full set of 5 rocks for 160g!
Superlight is the name of the game. A full set of 5 rocks for 160g!

On top of that you are adding to the versatility of the range as the offset nature means that you can fiddle the Wild Country Offset Rocks into even more awkward cracks and slots. They really come into play when you are faced with a shallow, flared crack that you would normally give up on and move past.

In side profile they are the same size as a standard Rock of that size so a Rock 10 and Superlight Rock 10 are the same. So the Superlight Offset will work as a normal Rock 10 in a normal placing position. At the front the Rock 10 reduces down to a Rock 6 and at the back it’s just in between a Rock 8 and 9. So with the width being just 80% of a Rock 10 and the thinner wire and walls you get a big reduction in weight and a small reduction of 1kN in the breaking strength.

Thinner walls but the same size with very little loss of holding strength.
Thinner walls but the same size with very little loss of holding strength.

I have no reservations in giving these 5 stars, they are brilliant and the fact that they are flying off the retailers shelves is testament to how popular they are. The only issue I have (which I haven’t tested I might add) is that if you take a big fall onto one of these they could be difficult to remove.

So I’m going to re-arrange my rack in the following ways – I usually carry a full set of Rocks from 1-10 as well as a set of DMM wires 1-10. On top of that I carry a full set of Wild Country Superlight Rocks 1-6. The changes I have made and am still working with are I have replaced my Rocks 5-10 and Superlight Rocks 5 and 6 with the Offset Rocks with a total weight saving of 170g.

SRP: £55.00


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