British Brand Finisterre attains B Corp status

It’s always great to help promote British brands, especially ones that support our precious environment. As climbers and outdoor enthusiasts the environment is usually at the very top of our values.

If you are a surfer or hang out with surfers you will no doubt have heard of British clothing brand Finisterre. Formed in Cornwall in the SW of England they have quietly produced some great clothing in that typical understated English way. Concentrating on the quality of their manufacturing and sourcing materials in the most sustainable way they can with compromising on performance.

So it’s great to announce that they have recently attained the coveted B Corp status, that puts them at the very top of environmental and sustainable standards and are up there with the big players such as Patagonia. What is B Corp status you may be asking?

B Corporations are for-profit companies who voluntarily meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and sustainability. B Corp certification in the UK is managed by B Lab UK, a non-profit, UK registered charity.

B Corps are aiming to make a real difference by voluntarily holding themselves to higher levels of transparency and accountability, offering a different way to do business.

The ‘B’ stands for benefit – that the company prioritises the benefit to all stakeholders including its workers, as well as the community, and the environment.

It is a globally recognised certification and accreditation, similar in concept to Fair Trade or Soil Association. Achieving B Corp status is a detailed affair, involving a comprehensive and rigorous assessment process, including interviews with the key people behind the brand and a critique of our business across every stage of our operations.

Since B Corp originated in the USA nearly a decade ago, momentum has been growing globally. There are now over 2,400 B Corp certified businesses in more than 50 countries across the globe in more than 130 industries, with one unifying goal: redefining success in business.

And remember, it’s not just a badge. B Corp status legally binds a company so when you buy from Finisterre you can be sure that your hard earned money is doing useful things and that no one has been ripped off or the planet is being trashed in the chase for short term profits. What’s more you’ll not only look cool but have top performance on the crag or on the wave.

See the Finisterre website for details and to buy product.

For more detail about B Corp check out their website here


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